If you’ve been outside recently you’re realise that it’s not as nice as it looks.  Even when the sun shines it’s often deceptively cruel in tempting the dog walker and school child ever further in search of it’s warmth, only to be blasted by the cold air just around the corner. This got me thinking that sometimes life throws a curved ball too.  Life’s realities don’t always live up to their expectations.  Like today when I caught up with my eldest son to chat about his studies and the concerns he had for the future post graduation.  What if that dream-job never materialised or his current girlfriend moved on? Like the shabby-chic cafe we sat in, life is sometimes over-rated in it’s apologetic attempt to entangle us into a sense of under-stated enthusiasm. As though just sitting and sipping a lukewarm latte will somehow transport you to laid-back Lazaretto and all your troubles will simply disappear in the sunshine.  But by vacating the premises and stepping  back to the current climate,   you realise you’ve just been hi-jacked by inflated prices to sit at a wobbly rusty table which should have been skipped.  The only true reality being, of course, the British weather.


Someone kidnapped the sun today. The hail came, swept it away.

Wind retorted spectacularly, spreading havoc and disarray.

Clearly the kidnapper had a plan. To steal the sunshine, hold back time.

Spring abated for Winter blues.  No soft skies or Summer hues.

If I but knew the ransom odds I’d start a crowd-fund, raise the costs.

Flaunt my Facebook page about until I’d got the right amount.

‘Dear Doris. Exchange is now complete.  Release the Sun in full.’ I tweet.

Scorching star appears above. Shimmering rays round yellow hub.

Heat and happiness are restored.  No more closing of drafty doors.

Warm exchanges, smiles, ice-cream.  Kidnapping the sun was truly mean!


About mizpah32

I've worked in administration for local councils, government departments and the NHS. I'm also a mother, wife and a daughter. When I was much younger I relished visits to the local library as did my own children. Reading and now writing has always been in my heart and I I hope you too share the same enchantment as you see some of my virtuous verses. Thanks for looking.
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